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Sinae, Baik


– Education
◾Kookmin University_Master of Design (Metal&Jewelry Design)
◾Wonkwang University_Bachelor of Arts in Art (Department of Jewelry and Design)

– Career
◾Seoul Art Space_Sindang_Resident artist
◾Wonkwang University_Instructor
◾Freelance Jewelry Designer
◾MJC Vocational Training College_Instructor

– Exhibition
◾2019 Collectiva Meeting International Jewellery Exhibition
◾2019 Craft Week ‘Atelier Jewelry’, Gallery SOWYEN
◾2019 Spring Butterfly Exhibition, Gallery SOWYEN
◾2017 Solo Exhibition, Daily Life SINAE×Common
◾2017 ITAMI International Jewellery Exhibition
◾2017 Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition
◾2016 Craft Trend Fair 「Studio T+D」
◾2016 New Breeze, Bupyenog History Museum
◾2015 Craft Trend Fair 「Alchemist, Spring Summer Fall, Winter」
◾2014 Enamel Craft 3 persons Exhibition

– Publication
◾2018 Writing book 「Life Culture Design」, Wonkwang Uni.
◾2017 Writing a master´s thesis 「Daily life with Cloisonne」, Kookmin Uni.
◾2016 AUTOR Magazine(Contemporary Jewelry Magazine) #3

– Awards
◾2019 Winner, Autor Media Award at Collectiva Joalharia de Autor
◾2019 Certificate of Best Goods, International Jewelry Design Contest
◾2017 be selectied, ITAMI International Jewellery Exhibition
◾2015 Designer’s Excellence Award, International Jewelry Design Contest
◾2014 Designer’s Excellence Award, International Jewelry Design Contest
◾2013 be selected, The 14th Korea Craft Contest
◾2009 The fourth, World Skills Korea (Seoul)


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Our daily life


Description of the collection:

It is no exaggeration to say that the enamel, so called the Art of Fire. The enamel – its color is deeper than glass and it is complementing the color limits of the metal – had a lot of influence on my jewelry work. When I first learned about the enamel, I made jewelry using various techniques. But especially cloisonne was so fascinating to me because I could visualize the story by using the technique.

At first, I observed from me and my friends to others. I filmed, recorded, and painted people. I wrote about my little daily life, which was nothing special, such as sleepless myself, one of my friends holding back tears, my mother writing a diary, and someone waiting for a friend on the street.

At first I expressed only the outward appearance. But I wanted to express those feelings in more detail. It is very difficult to express one's feelings on jewelry. The advantage of cloisonne is that it can also express the line in detail. I tried to express things like the looks and language of their fingers with metal lines and capture them on my jewelry as much of the everyday expression and the emotion I could feel in them.

A daily routine is one in which small pieces are gathered and completed, but it will never be completed. So my jewelry is mostly atypical shape. This is because everyday life cannot be defined typically.

I hope that people can look at their daily lives from a different perspective as they pass by casually in a busy modern society while appreciating the jewelry symbolizing their daily lives. I wish they could feel that every single day is full of novelty, though it seems to repeat itself every day.

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