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di.OZ Jewelry


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Olesya Zakharova


I was born in Siberia in 1981. When I was 20 years old I moved to Moscow for study of Economic in Moscow State University of Economic, After my graduate I worked many years as director of Finance but I always wanted to try myself as jewelry designer. In 2015 I started my brand di.OZ Jewelry in parallel I graduated from British Higher School of Art and Design Moscow as a jewelry designer.
In 2018 I was one of winner of contest Artistar Jewelry (Milan)
At the moment I live and work in Spain and in Russia, every year di.OZ create 2 new collection from each year.


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When I saw parts of a personal computer that no one can see because they are hidden inside, but thanks to them we do a lot of things every single thing. We communicate with people, we work, we learn. It inspired me to create this collection, I wanted to show people how beautiful that they do not see, but what help In my main references I used: Cooler from processor, Pin5 (DIN), Sata cable, battery from motherboard, microchips, random access memory (RAM)

Modern technologies surround us day after day. We spend at least 8 hours a day at the computer. The idea of the collection is to transform parts of a personal computer into jewelry.

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