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Dot Me Jewelry


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Alina Constantinescu


Hi, my name is Alina Constantinescu, and I am a jewelry designer from Bucharest, Romania.
I studied and worked in cinematography for a while and then on a trip to Istambul I discovered my passion for jewelry.
In 2017 I've participated in Camera Lucida exhibition, a project put together by Assamblage Association.
The contemporary jewelry installation was exhibited in Bucharest, Bruxelles and New York.
In 2018 I started building my brand, Dot Me Jewelry, to tell my stories through my jewelry collections.


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This collection is meant to draw attention to the fact that everything is changing, regardless of whether or not people intervene and challenges them to act in order to control the changes.
Driven by curiosity some people will courageously make the change, pop the balloon in order to get to the next step and get the surprise.
On the other hand, some people will be patient enough not to intervene and let nature take it's course and let the balloon deflate so that the next step will be revealed to them in due time.
The pieces from the Metamorphic Collection are meant to challenge people to become conscious and responsible for their actions and the consequences of their actions.
We all have to understand that the change is continuous and permanent and that we can make a difference in how or when ourselves or the world around us changes.
"There is nothing permanent except change"-Heraclit

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