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Elodie Lorraine Ripani


I've started to do jewels 15 years ago, when I was a student of Archeology in Rome, the town where I've grown up.
At the beginning I've learnt the traditional jewellery tecnic by myself, with a very tiny budget and only with poor materials.
Day by day I started to integrate a personal and intimate research which today has shaped my work and my own idea of jewellery
At the moment my research is focused on resins (and silver) and I'm still a proud self-thaught.
I took a part in various fair for selling and showing my works (homi, white, bijorhca, maison&objet), but Autor could be my very first event dedicated at the artjewellery.


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The "Solaris" collection was born after a long reflection about a series of imaginary events. I've try to visualize what a kind of material culture could born, if a lonely, supertecnological human being (or a few number of them), loses his roots, his homeworld and his tecnology, only saving his personal knowledge and consciousness, for starting a new life in a new unknown world.
New Horizons, new landscapes, new suggestions, but also new need, new fear, new loneliness.
I've spent a little while studing Mars pictures done by M.R.O. NASA space probe, in particular looking for details of canal or fracture in the soil like a starting point to experiment with resins.
A fondamental inspiration was also the Stanislaw Lem's book "Solaris". I've meet it when I was thinking about "my" human being in this new world and read it gave me the key for finalize refeclition about the concept as well about the shape of pieces of the collection. That's why I've called it "Solaris".

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