Elisabetta Carozzi

Elisabetta Carozzi

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Elisabetta Carozzi


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Elisabetta Carozzi


At AUTOR 2019 in collaboration with Venice Design Week and euroinnovators.

For my participation in AUTOR 2019, I have enriched the Icònica collection with new models: I experimented with new materials and introduced color. From the collaboration with Venice Design Week and euroinnovators, a synergy project is born: a viral jewel by Renata Manganelli contaminated by glass.


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poetry lIght researCh breath sOuNd enthusIasm CAre love


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Transparency | Lightness | Sound. Sign, light, matter alchemy, glass. Necklaces_that I dreamed in classical, contemporary, future shapes.
These are poetical jewels, jewels having character and a common thread: line purity, essential shape and glass. Created with such elements, they have a common identity but a different personalities. It is a glass in motion collection.

It is the tale of a female universe full of creativity and passion. I imagined timeless icons wearing my necklaces; I wish those women had worn them and I dedicated the necklaces, to them, in an emotional album that I created in a joyous, playful and self-ironical mood. It’s a line of design jewels, made exclusively in Italy respecting the environment. They are necklaces that take on the colour, the mood of the women who are wearing them. Necklaces enhancing glass and shaped by light. Lightness as a primary value: physical lightness, visual lightness, due to color absence, inner lightness, as a remedy to the stress of daily routine. Sound_necklaces that don’t scream or shout, but ring and whisper. Their manufacture is also transparent and environment friendly.

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