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Els Gadeyne

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Els Gadeyne


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Els Gadeyne


Els graduated as an interior designer. In this direction she was able to express her creativity,
but most of all she missed creating her own designs.
After that she made the choice to follow a full training as a goldsmith at Syntra West.
There she became a goldsmith laureate.
She thinks it's great to make a beautifully finished piece of jewellery from a raw material.
She does the whole process from melting, sawing to making wire and plate with a lot of passion.
Els mainly designs and makes unique contemporary pieces, wearable design.
She loves to create something for and together with the customer that is valuable and personal.


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Blooming & Dots


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I love it when there's movement in my jewelry. That there is, in fact, life in the jewel. That you discover something new with every new sight.
I also work in layers, this to enhance the 3D effect.
I usually make everything with round shapes. For me this softens the whole thing.
I work mostly in silver and gold, and always do this in the authentic way.

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