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Emilie LE DEZ

Emilie LE DEZ 1932 2576 Dautor
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Emilie LE DEZ


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Emilie LE DEZ


My name is Emilie LE DEZ, I’m french and live in Berlin. I fell in love with the history of jewellery while studying Art History and Archeology at the University of Paris X.
I am fascinated by the way jewellery travelled through history and civilisitations without loosing neither its aesthetic, attractiveness or its meaning. It is a real witness of its time.
At BJOP School, in Paris where I studied jewellery craft for 4 years and got my BMA ( Brevet des Métiers d’Art). This is where I discovered the art of design jewellery and what made me want to make it my profession.
I now work since 5 years as a freelancer for a french jewellery house named Edéenne. I also develop personal projects at the same time.
«Memento Mori» is the topic of my work. In the Roman Empire,  after winning a battle, the emperors were parading with a slave behind them. It was a way to keep the emperor’s feet on the ground, to remind them the reality of the human: his mortality which is the idea I want to reflect in my work: being conscious of who we are and where we are from, and not let our feelings and thoughts overwhelmed us.
My work is a link between our past, how much it affects us, and what to do with it and thus from all kind of different perspectives.
It’s a way to deal with common existential question and the status of the human being.
I want the person wearing my jewellery to be always aware of this. Wearing « Memento » aims for the reflection of a maybe new and advance future. Looking at it always reminds us its meaning and we can’t ignore it , but face it and improve it.


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My collection named «Memento» is exploring the relation of the primary condition of the human being: mortality and past. The impact and influence of our past on different level of awareness – individuel and collective- which constitutes what we are and how we build our future with.
Where does our heritage come from and how do we use it ?
It’s from this question that I created a parallel between a prism/mirror who absorbs, bend and deviate the lightray with humanity carrying its past to construct its future.
The universe is the origin of everything. The past of everyone comes out of it. It’s the reason why it is represented in every creation of mine.
Light is beside a visual also a representation of time. The time which arrives from the infenitely large and arrives on earth to continue to exist in our life.
The lighting and reflection effects coming out of this jewellery represents the time that penetrates us. The reflection effect of ourself appearing when looking at the jewellery from the above is to involve us in the process.
I want the jewellery from this collection to be seen and considerate as memento. We look at a piece of jewellery, our eyes are confronted to it. The one wearing it is then led to question himself.
Wearing MEMENTO to never forget where we come from and where do we want to go.

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