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Fabiana Fusco


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Fabiana Fusco


After having earned a degree in Art History with a final dissertation on the Greek Goldsmith, the artist attended Salvatore Gerardi’s Goldsmith School and at the same time a renowned silverware workshop in Rome. In 2002, she started her workshop. She prefers the lost wax microsculpture that allows her to “stage” emotions, memories and passions in the form of small wearable stories. Jewelry is an expressive means that can be combined with all the art forms.
During the years she works for Cinemas production, exhibitions during jazz festivals and solo exhibitions.
In 2019 won two awards during ARTISTAR Fall Edition – Milano Jewellery week (De Liguoro Award – Assamblage International contemporary Jewelry).


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Migranti – Stay human.


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The necklace Walking on the death tells the story of those who daily seek their fortune in our seas, those who travel across the seas hoping to find a port that welcomes them despite the deaths and the risk of drownings . Each disc recalls those who got lost and continue to try. Men, women and children of all colours and backgrounds who look for a better life every day.
The ring Save me talk about hope. The ones that faced up sea and long distances to find freedom.
The series of three brooches comes from a phrase of Andrea Camilleri, a famous Italian writer, that said “ L’altro non è altro che me allo specchio” (The other is just me in the mirror). The fear spread in recent years of the different, of those who are different from us, has created unjustified reactions of violence and hatred towards our neighbor less fortunate or who lives according to habits different from ours, so we find ourselves afraid only of a reflection, fear of ourselves, fear of those who appear to be different from us.
At the end the Human figure became a pattern to create different rings in different materials.

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