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"Multi-functions,Edgy-chicness,Gender-fluidity,Sustainability" are the keywords within Fei's design. He tends to adopt traditional goldsmith techniques to create super-contemporary gender-fluid eyewear and jewellery from recycled metal that values versatility, encouraging users to wear their pieces how they please.


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FOLD collection is a celebration of improvisation, experimentation and exploration on metal. Silversmith Fei spent 3 years working on a new rose gold formula using recycled gold, silver and copper, each piece of FOLD is large, yet light and strong, shimmering after repeated reflection of light. The dazzling appearance, techniques and sustainability concept behind makes it both fashionable and artistic.
Fei's FOLD rose gold is an exclusive alloy of recycled gold, silver and coppper melt down and mixed under a certain percentage. He aims to achieve:
1. A particular rosy pink colour.
2. A firm material that would withhold its shape at the thickness of 0.1mm and light enough to be easily worn, even in a large volume.

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