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Gena Tudor


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Gena Tudor


Wear the art, choose the story!

Jewelries are one of the most essential ways for self-expression and enhancement of our personality.

Baring this in mind, each collection I create starts from a narrative that is carefully integrated into the pieces I present.

I adamantly believe in designing and creating unique and one of a kind pieces of jewelries for all the art lovers that seek and understand the importance of expressing one’s identity.

My materials of choice ranges from the conventional such as silver, gold, copper, brass, precious and semi-precious stones, as well as unconventional ones you would never think of pairing, which perfectly blend into the bold and unique jewelries I create.


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Unbreakable Bonds


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“Both the challenge and the spice of relationships is in people's differences. ― Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton and Sheila Heen
It is in our human nature to form relationships even at the worst of times. One might say that is embedded in our DNA. During our lifetime we meet many people and each one has something to teach us regardless of their background, social status or any other criteria you might think of. No matter how we perceive each relationship whether we believe it is a roller coaster, complicate or plain amazing, it is an important factor in our growth and development as human beings.
The collection Unbreakable bonds is designed to commend inter-human relations and the positive impact they have. Moreover, for each piece of jewelry we assigned a different name that is associated to the many perceptions on relationships.
If you had one word, how would you describe relationships?

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