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Gligor Kuzmanovski

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Gligor Kuzmanovski


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Gligor Kuzmanovski


Gligor Kuzmanovski, born 1979, Skopje, Macedonia. Graduated history of art with archaeology at St Kiril and Metodij University, Skopje. In tight connections with art he makes his first tries in sculpture back in the late nineties, but the past 8 years his focus is the wooden jewellery(sculptures for body).
The cheerful nature of the artist is reflected in his creations, and the softness of the
material he most commonly uses allows him to shape his ideas with ease and without
limitations, going beyond the usual perception of jewelry design. His skilled hands turn the wood
into small pieces of art created with great love, wit and exceptional minuteness, inspiring a soul in
them. Each piece of wood which is transformed into unique jewelry gets life and begins to tell its
own story. By chopping, engraving, perforating, polishing, coloring, often by adding another type
of material, he creates small wearable sculptural works.
Gligor draws inspiration from the surroundings, from nature, friends, love, and art, especially
considering that he was trained as an art historian. The earrings, rings, necklaces, brooches and
other jewelry are most often miniature transposition of everyday items that get completely new
meaning. In them anyone can find a part of themselves, but also to give other meanings, different
interpretation and enrich them with their own intimate stories.
He has been participating in many group and solo exhibitions, collaborations with fashion designers, and colleagues too.
Exhibiting in the mother country as well in Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania.
-Wooden stories
-Man, factory, in between
-Summer memories
-Flora vs Fauna


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Eggshell – Hatched


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Through the new concept is revealed a different state of mind, and deeper thoughts, involving
us in a completely new story that echoes with a dose of mysticism. These works
demonstrate continuity and maturity, both in their conception, as well as in their execution. Altering the minimalist form and the monochromaticity, they successfully prolong the project of Eggshell, circling it, 'hatching' into newborns. These pieces with their soft shape and the warmth of the wood are achieving the balance between rough and refined.

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