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aditi sharma


Born and brought up in a small hillstation in north – mussoorie , india .
A postgraduate from domus academy Milan, Italy.
And professionally a full time interior designer for 7 years has been a great and never ending learning experience.
My actual exposure to design happened when I was working as a designer with a leading architectural firm in Delhi. Where apart from designing and executing projects there was a lot travelling to understand architecture, art and design all over the world, which really broadened my horizons.

Understanding concrete as a material happened three years ago during my sabbatical in Budapest, when I started working for two months with a Hungarian designer, who masters the art of using this material and makes anything and everything in cement.

Apart from this, Being an interior designer enables me to work a lot with architectural materials and their use in different ways got interested in experimenting. I choose play with concrete two years ago; my first stint in this direction was making lifestyle products. My ever-growing love for concrete and abusing its fluid nature got me to create greytone .

I explore jewelry making in architectural material concrete.
Concrete is a hard, neutral, unprecious material with a real presence.
Exploring its fluid nature – ability to take any shape and managing appropriate weight through right mixtures has made this material suitable for neckpieces.
Primarily neutral color tones of cement – grey and white highlighted with brushed brass and Stainless finish.


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I always loved experimenting with materials and this time I bring together two extremes .

under this collection as the name suggests I explore the ancient Indian zari with modern concrete . coming from India which is so rich in culture and arts ,I wanted to explore something that has always amused me as a designer.

Zari is even thread made of metals like copper , gold or silver which is used in traditional clothes . it is used with silk to create fabrics or used as it is in the form of intricate embroidery on clothes . this is believed to be originated during the Mughal period and during Vedic ages it was associated with gods and kings .

in this collection I wanted to combine it with completey opposite material concrete. one which reminds us of the rich ancient heritage and one which has taken over the world as a construction material . they both put together enhance the each other and generate a sense of astonishment .

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