Hexagonal Kaleidoscope

Hexagonal Kaleidoscope

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Hexagonal Kaleidoscope


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Youjin Um



Youjin Um, Seoul, Korea.

2017 M.F.A Jewelry Design, Graduate School Of Industrial Art Hong-ik University, Seoul, Korea.
2001 B.F.A in Jewelry Design, Kyonggi University, Seoul, Korea.

Solo exhibitions
2018 Hexagonal Kaleidoscope(Um You-jin solo-exhibition) Gallery Ahwon Seoul Korea, Republic of

Group exhibitions
2019 Selected for [Collectiva Meeting '19] International Exhibition Collectiva Porto Portugal
2019 Seleted for Tincal lab Challenge 2019 l Jewelry and Anatomy Tincal lab Porto Portugal

Art fairs
2019 Selected for [Autor2019] International Contemporary Jewelry Fair AUTOR Contemporary Jewelry National Theatre Bucharest Romania
2019 Selected Artists and Award Winners at JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fai JOYA Barcelona Disseny HUB Barcelona Spain
2018 Craft Trend Fair KCDF Seoul Korea, Republic of

2019 [ KOGEI World Competition] in Kanazawa- passed the First judging Round People's Gallery A at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporar Kanazawa Japan
2019 Enjoia't Awards 2019 Selected Artists and Award Winners A-FAD Enjoia't Disseny HUB Barcelona Spain

Klimt02 Jewelry Member, Hong-ik Metal Formative Association, The 3rd Group of Metalsmith


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Name of the collection:
Hexaconal Kaleidoscope


Description of the collection:

A story in the kaleidoscope

'Memory is like a kaleidoscope. The kaleidoscope is full of beautiful little colored stones.

I exist in the world of Hexagonal Kaleidoscope and form countless networks in it.

Patterns and patterns overlap, and another order is created so we can think of stability,

peace and the future.' – in artist's note –

I feel nostalgia, comfort, reliability and healing through my precious childhood memories.

As time goes by, clear and pure memories of those days are getting faded, the mind and

body are exhausted, but through memories can gain power beyond their limits, so memories

of childhood are the most precious things it seems to be settled. With this mind, I began to

put that memory into one space.

I expressed my inner unconsciousness in the stable form of hexagonal structure.

Through the image and data of structures such as buildings and bridges that have remained impressive,

the idea is to get ideas from the hexagonal cone, which is the basis of hexagonal shapes, and to apply it

in various forms such as hexagonal rhinoceros and hexagonal columns, and to give various effects

through systematic changes in forms. In the process, it captures images of childhood memories and remnants.

The main material in my work, Sterling silver, reminds me of a side of our returning days like

a pure child. The technique of sawing used in my work means rules and repetitive action,

representing hope as a result of repetitive life actions through the process of patience and effort

made one by one.

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