Horia Caltea jewellery

Horia Caltea jewellery

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Horia Caltea jewellery


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Horia Caltea


Horia Câlțea Jewellery

In 2015, at the age of 45, Horia Câlțea decided to follow his dream. He redefined his path, he left his job and dedicated his entire attention to his old passion, jewellery. He followed courses at the jewellery school in Cluj-Napoca, where he had the occasion to cultivate his creativity through means that combine the methods of traditional work with contemporary expression. Subsequent, he worked with Adrian Bobletec, a known and appreciated contemporary jewellery designer . The Horia Câlțea jewellery brand is his own personal project through which he brings to life his own vision on jewellery, constantly being surprised by the new innovations of it.

Horia Câlțea Jewellery

În 2015, la vârsta de 45 de ani, Horia Câlțea a decis să își urmeze visul. Și-a redefinit traseul, a păsărit locul de muncă și și-a dedicat întreaga atenție vechii sale pasiuni, bijuteria. A urmat cursurile școlii de bijuterie din Cluj-Napoca, unde a avut ocazia să își cultive creativitatea prin mjloace care îmbină metodele de lucru tradiționale cu exprimarea contemporană. Ulterior, a lucrat cu Adrian Bobletec, cunoscut și apreciat orfevrar si designer de bijuterie contemporană. Brandul Horia Câlțea Jewellery este proiectul său personal, prin care își definește propria viziune asupra bijuteriei și de a cărui surprize se bucură în fiecare zi.


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amulet: an ornament or small piece of jewellery thought to give protection against evil, danger, or disease.

There has always been a mystical side in man, a secret and unknown side that states the possibility of direct contact or his communion with deity. The amulet is the "key" that opens the door between rational and obscure! So I created AMULETS. The magic elements which I included in the making of these objects, they are assigned, depending on each one's imaginaation, different meanings!
By interpreting some of the characters and imagery from the well known painter Stefan Caltia's art works (the endless source of beauty), I transposed into metal and other dimensions the stories behind the colors of the paintings.
The amulets came to life in my workshop, combining, through traditional techniques of craftmanship, divers materials, noble metals (gold and silver), brass, buffalo horn, bone and semi-precious stones.
…they are to protect the one who will carry them!

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