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ieva jankovska


Ieva Jankovska is a contemporary jewellery designer based in Dundee, Scotland. She describes her practice as an amalgamation of her Latvian heritage and appreciation for the skills and knowledge gained over the last decade living and studying in Scotland. Since completing her BA(Hons) in Jewellery and Metal Design Ieva has received a number of awards, including the Association of Contemporary Jewellery Student award, and exhibited her work across the UK. Ieva is currently undertaking an Artist In Residence position in Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.
The duality of her identity is evident throughout her designs merging traditional silversmithing techniques with modern technologies; contrasting natural forms with stark, geometric shapes and enhancing minimal aesthetic with fine details.
An area of particular interest for Ieva is to focus on the creative activity of the maker and explore how the hidden aspects in the traditional fabrication process can be communicated to a wider audience through the use of modern technologies.
Although the visual inspiration in Ieva’s work is mostly derived from nature, the time spent indoors, observing the world through windows, has prompted the recurrent use of architectural elements, such as rigid frames, straight lines and flat planes.


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powdering sky


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The contemporary jewellery collection Powdering Sky aims to capture the transformation, movement and passage of time.
The aesthetic of the collection is greatly inspired by the Scottish skyscape and, in particular, bird migration patterns. The vast and bleak character of Scotland is expressed through bold scale and rigid forms. And the work seeks to translate in enamel the subtleties of light and depth of colour in the Scottish sky.
Further, the concept behind the designs was to illustrate the journey of enamelling craft and expose the hidden aspects in the making process, such as the laborious grinding of enamel before fusing it onto the metal, through the use of contemporary digital design.
Ieva describes her process as a cycle. She records her muscle tension whilst grinding enamel, then uses the gathered data to digitally create three-dimensional shapes before merging these with enamelled silver panels and embellishing with hand-crafted details and London blue Topaz gemstones.
As the viewer explores the work, they start to form the parallels between the muscle intensity and the peaks and dips of the 3D printed form telling a very personal journey of the maker.
The pieces in the collection range from large concept necklaces and bespoke brooches to smaller day-to-day items, such as necklets, studs, rings and pins.

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