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Ikona Jewellery Studio

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Ikona Jewellery Studio


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Julia Trandafir


Julia Trandafir is a young contemporary jewellery designer currently based in Transylvania. She finished her Jewellery and Silversmithing Bachelor of Arts at the The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, in London. She recently came back to Romania in order to launch her new jewellery brand, called Ikona Jewellery Studio. The studio seeks to blend art with function, creating one of a kind pieces of adornments.


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Frühlings Geweih


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This collection is a precious metal preservation of forest relics, trying to display natural beauty and making the ephemeral durable. The pieces speak about adornment, transformation and exploration. The process started when I first truly looked at a couple of antlers, at my grandparent’s home. I found beauty in the organic texture and decided to explore further, through the techniques of mould making and casting. In my finished works I hope to display the organic, undulating movement of the bone growths and tell the history of their transformation: from skull adornments, to disposed weapons on the forest ground, to trophies on my grandparent’s walls and finally, jewellery pieces. In order to accomplish these pieces, the initial material has to metamorphose as well: from bone, to wax to precious silver. Through the moulding process, I am able to make wax models that can be manipulated and reworked to create one of a kind pieces and new designs. The collection's title is a reference to the deer’s peculiarity of shedding and growing its antlers back every year.

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