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Inbar Shahak


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Inbar Shahak


I am a jewelry designer with a prior background as a textile designer, I take my inspiration from ancient lace and crochet patterns. using traditional textile patterns and technique as inspiration, combining them with modern materials to achieve a new modern interpretation.

2017-2018 goldsmith design and 3d Rhino jewelry print at Yael Shkedi Goldsmith design professional school.
2011-2012 studied goldsmith design at Naama Elharar studio in Zichron Yaakov
2000-2004 graduated from Shenkar University in Textile design, major in Weaving, printing, and knitting.
1999 studied fashion design in Shenkar University
Bijoux exhibition at Norton art museum 2018
Form Miami art week 2017
Sofa Chicago 2017
Boston Craft show 2017 Holiday
Chicago one of a kind 2017 Spring
Loot exhibition Mad museum 2017
Bijoux exhibition at Norton art museum in Florida 2017
Boston Craft show 2016 Holiday
Chicago one of a kind 2016 Spring
Popeye olive "Of joya" exhibition Athens Greece 2016
Bijoux exhibition at Norton art museum in Florida 2016
Joya Barcelona 2015
"Noir comme basalt" exhibition Galerie de la Perle Noire AGDE France
Parallels world France, alliages gallery
Of joya exhibition Athens Greece 2015
Bijoux exhibition at Norton art museum in Florida 2015
Joya Barcelona 2014
Sierrad art fair Netherland 2014
Bijoux exhibition at Norton art museum in Florida 2014
2012 participate at Upcoming designer show at TLV fashion week
Premiere classe Paris 2008-2010
IJL show London 2010
Atelie show New York 2013


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Weaving art jewelry


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In the weaving tiles collection, I wrapped colorfully enameled wires in the same technique that is used for industrial looms samples sketches for weaving. Transforming the weaving process sketches into a fine jewel.

Textile is the language of the silent woman. A Sisyphean work that requires observation and inner listening which is very distinctive to the rhythm of the industrial world where we are living today."

Some textiles are more expensive then gold and yet we tend to think of them as something that any child can easily tear apart.
Especially compare to a metal precious ring that we will inherit to our next generation, I'm interesting about the perception of textile as a timeless jewel.

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