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Dana Anton / Ionuț Anton


Dana Anton is a digital designer, architect and researcher. Through her work she explores how digital design and fabrication tools have a creative influence on the design process. She is driven by the passion of making objects through digital techniques.
Ionuț Anton is a parametric designer, architect and researcher. In his searches, he is interested in how algorithms extend the creative ability in the field of object design, installations and architecture. His research explores how generative and computational solutions can be implemented in design.
We invite you to discover the i{n}stance ideology and find out how you can become a part of our manifesto. Discover our story in creating unique products, which blend traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. An “Instance” stands for the particular, the {n} th element in a sea of multiple possibilities, a specific occurrence which was deliberately chosen. Applying this logic into computational design, i{n}stance is a brand which aims to aid each create unique, individual products, by using digital fabrication.
Focusing on jewelry design, i{n}stance stands for its primordial sense: creating a code which can offer unlimited manners of deviating the form of an object, and creating a user-friendly manner in order to offer the possibility of choosing on certain variation – therefore, deciding on one particular instance. The Instance always occurs in a series, being the archetypal specimen – however, this “ideal” choice is a subjective one, and represents individual uniqueness.


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The Aggregate collection combines computational design, digital fabrication means and subjective aesthetics. The pieces in this collection are defined in essence by rigorous geometry but are altered to become sensitive. The intent was to explore methods of aggregation of volumetric cells with a regular repetitive geometry that are set free by deformation. Thus, cells lose their uniformity, but maintain geometric relations. By transforming stable and uniform structures, a familiar but altered image is gained, focused on topological deformation and on the new redefined relations between cells.
The Aggregate collection is born from a process based on feedback between concept, geometry and material, all of which are translated into code. The shape, material and method of materialization bear the fingerprint of the digital environment; thus, the filiform and porous jewellery pieces are generated using computation and made by 3D printing.
The materialization of the virtual 3d model into the real environment is explored twofold. One exploration is fabricated directly by 3d printing using ABS plastic filament, delivering opulent pieces in which the fabrication process remain visible giving a fine texture to the jewellery and contribute to the design intent: to search for the sensible effect of digital tools. The second exploration is materialized by 3d printing in resin and casted in silver, combining state of the art technology with the silver craft. The silver jewellery pieces are finished with a reflective appearance, hence rendering into reality a seamless image of the virtual model.

The i{n}stance brand is an emerging digital design jewellery studio that will launch its products this spring. Please check out also a sneak preview in our work-in-progress for our other collections in the pictures sections.

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