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Into Niilo


After graduating from Moscow State University of Design and Technology [MSUDT] in 2013, as an accessory designer, I made my master degree in Footwear Design at London College of Fashion [LCF], University of Arts London [UAL].
Straight after I realized that I am no longer interested in footwear, but have more interest towards small, wearable architectural and sculptural forms. That's how I launched my own brand [into|into] [in 2015] of experimental accessories and later switched to [fine] jewelry primarily.
into|into takes ideas and principles of the exact sciences and experiments from scientific cognition of different fields like physics, chemistry, natural philosophy, cosmology, astronomy, anatomy, philosophy, etc. and tries to transfer them in the art and design field.


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Precious parts


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|Precious parts| – is about self-love and self-acceptance. It's a small research about being a human, an effort to accept and embrace it with all the vulnerability, fragility and imperfection. It's an attempt of philanthropy, starting with a physical acceptance. It's my personal trying to love and to understand a human body.
|Precious parts| is a sensual journey that starts from the little: loving the shape of thy nail plate and nipples, toes, belly buttons, every single little curve and wrinkle of thy body, charm of bends, sticking bones, goose bumps, body hairs and birth marks.
For this collection I used various materials: metals [brass. silver, gold], precious stones [natural [pearls, opal [Ethiopia], turquoise, lapis, obsidian, labrador, rutilated quartz, chrysoprase, ametrine, topaz, agate] and artificial [opal, tourmaline quartz, opal quartz, ulexite]]. For the usual surrealistic twist by into|into I carved teeth from baroque pearls, MOP, ulexite and artificial opal. For the [nail] rings I used variety of cuts, which were dictated by the shape of fingernails, I also chose those stones that have |obvious| stone look, and also imitate different manicure styles. To create [nipples and belly button] brooches and [collar bones] necklace, I used different technics. If brooches I cast in silver and then gold plated, for the necklace, I used electroforming in brass and then gold plated.
Thus, |Precious parts| [capsule collection] is anatomical research with a usual surrealistic twist by into|into with the hint of dark humor and the keen feeling for love and acceptance.

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