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Ioana Ardelean Jewelry

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Ioana Ardelean Jewelry


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Ioana Ardelean


Ioana Ardelean is architect and jewelry maker.
She has a PhD degree in architecture and currently she teaches architectural design at Ion Mincu University in Bucharest. She is also invited professor at the Object Design Department.
She started making jewelry in 2014, basing her work on her architectural background and research.
For her, jewelry making is a constant fascination and a privilege: the craftsmanship involving both the hand and the mind in the process of transforming the material.
She showed her first collection – Bare Fabrication, at Autor Contemporary Jewelry Fair in November 2014 and won the Autor Awesome Award in May 2015 with the collection Choreographic. This award brought also the opportunity of an intensive course at Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School in Florence, Italy.
At Autor 2017, she was awarded Myday-Byday Gallery prize, with the collection Ephemeral Matters consisting in a personal exhibition at the gallery in Rome, Italy.
She exhibited her work in international exhibitions and fairs:
Sept. 2018 – invited artist at Flora versus Fauna, contemporary jewelry exhibition at the Natural History Museum in Skopje, Macedonia
Sept – Oct 2018 – Collectiva, International exhibition, Porto, Portugal
May 2018 – selected artist at Athens Jewelry Week
May 2018 – selected artist at AUTOR
Oct. 2017 – Taking Measures – personal exhibition in Rome, Italy at MyDay-ByDAy gallery
Feb. 2016 – selected artist at Fashion Utopias – International Fashion Showcase part of London Fashion Week, UK – collection: Cuts to the pith of matter.
She also designs contemporary jewelry display installations that are shown worldwide.


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Voids structures


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In approaching contemporary jewelry I am always interested to understand the material, to show its bare qualities, to stress these qualities and to generate expression out of the processes that I apply to the material.
For this collection I work with two materials: metal and void as content and non-content.
The material world does imply both matter and void. Space is a living void, it is created with arrangements of voids. All mater dislocate void and vice versa. There is a perpetual balance between the two. We live in a network of voids. I stress the idea of a morphology of voids, of displaced matter, of shaping the void, making it tangible. I was interested to see how I can visualize the unseen, how I can give expression to something that is not measurable. I work with fields of perforated voids manually punched in the metal. By displacing them I create tensions and bending lines in the flat material. Thus I create shapes out of nothing, out of a flat and continuous sheet of silver as a raw form of matter.
A shaped void but also a void shape, a volume that contain nothing, that cannot hold water, that is airy and hollow. These shapes can become anything, a jewelry, a vessel, a sculpture, a body, a building, a landscape. It’s up to the beholder to decide. With this regard the pieces have versatile mechanisms (that can be removable) and that allow to transform from a brooch to a bracelet, to a necklace, from a ring to a brooch and vice versa:
– the bending void – brooch and bracelet
– hollow body no 1 – brooch
– hollow body no,2 – brooch
– the captive void -brooch and pendant
– the airy dome – ring and brooch or pendant

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