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Iris Nijenhuis

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Iris Nijenhuis


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Iris Nijenhuis


Iris Nijenhuis is an Amsterdam based designer with a passion for laser cutting and a wide interest in experimental shapes and structures. She graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute with a collection of fabrics and unique pieces that emerged from a broad research into the use innovative techniques. She tried to extend the value of textile by extracting the essence and adding functionality to the fabric. By experimenting with laser cutting she developed a technique in which the fabric is cut into small puzzle pieces that form the basis of the design process. By connecting the puzzle pieces together manually, inspiring shapes and structures are created that can form various products.

Materials and technique:
Iris uses all kinds of textiles like scuba, neoprene and artificial leather. The fabrics are cut by laser, washed and dried and then she puzzles it together piece by piece into necklaces, bow-ties, bracelets and earrings. Her items are Vegan and Washable.


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Iris Nijenhuis | I.N. Pieces Collection


Description of the collection:

Colourful, lightweight statement pieces. One base, but no definate shape. Nothing is pre-determined. Iris Nijenhuis designs are for the curious. For those who secretly touch the fur coat of a stranger on the train, just to rate the softness. The collection triggers personal fantasy and interaction.

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