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Debora Bosoni


My great love for art and creation has always existed; since when I was a child I spent hours creating objects with wire or any waste material that I found in my parents' cellar. I have always loved "building", "using your hands" to create, express a feeling before you even manage to tell it with words. My forms are born directly from the hands, without any design or project of what will be born. I have always kept close the world of visual, musical and theatrical arts during my years of university studies to date, which I find myself passionately carrying on the work of my family's tradition. Over the years I have worked on various projects for the creation of artistic installations and I was able to test myself taking part in intensive art and theater courses. I discovered the technique of working lost wax, about 12 years ago and from that moment it was love at first sight. However, I continued to research and experiment with different techniques and, over the years, I had the opportunity to participate in dedicated events, exposing my works. I love discovering how my creation can be transformed into an object of furniture, jewelry or pure and simple sculpture .
Free my hands, free to feel.


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"Brutalism" is a decadent and strong geometric composition.
They are dirty lines and hard architectural forms but with a strong human and physical component, felt above all by the imprecise lines and the marks left by the hand on the wax. Each jewel is both a rigorous architectural construction and a primitive object, with strongly anthropic symbolism and a beautiful physicality perceived above all by the pleasant contact with the created object.

Rings, pendants, armor, created with the lost wax technique.
Silver and bronze casting
Use of acids and finishing patinas

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