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JOANA SANTOS jewellery

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JOANA SANTOS jewellery


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Joana Santos is a Portuguese emerging designer of contemporary jewellery.

Her minimalist and geometric work is mostly inspired by architectural shapes, but also in nature and art, contrasting the rationality of the line with delicate techniques and unpredictable detailing.

With a degree in architecture, Santos achieved in jewellery the genuine expression of her aesthetic: straight angles and simple planes play with light and shadow exploring three-dimensionality and volumetry.

From the concept to the drawing and from the process to the matter, the jewels growing in her hands are pure.

Made in silver, Santos' limited collections combine a meticulous and very careful handwork with conceptual research and technical experimentation.

All the pieces are exclusive and original, designed and realized by the designer in her studio, in Porto.

Joana Santos was born in 1986 in Porto, Portugal.

After graduated in architecture, she started to miss handwork – that is more intimate – and also the unrestricted challenge of creation.

Curious about jewelry for a long time, in 2013 she finally decided to begin to learn and discover the techniques at Cindor.

Using straight lines and playing plans with simple volumetry, Santos' work reveals her past experience with architecture by a deep influence of geometry, but also articulates organic elements, reflecting the connection with art, poetry and life.


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"Down deep in the sea there are white fears
Where plants are animals
And animals are flowers. (…)

But however beautiful is each and every creature
There's a monster in itself suspended. "

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen

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