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Joséfine K


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Véronique Belot


I am self-taught, I have been making one-off, statement jewellery out of beach plastic and found objects for almost 20 years. I hadn't been in a professional fair for about 10 years until last november, when I was selected for SIeraad Art Fair in Amsterdam (and loved it!). I have been selling my work either directly from my studio or through an upscale designer clothes boutique in Aix-en Provence, Gago : www.gago.fr

My first collection was made of sea glass and lobster horns (!) when I sailed the carribean on a 31-foot sailboat, so many years ago I don't want to mention it.
When I moved back to France raw lobster horns were hard to find so I settled for sea glass, which I dropped a few years later for beach plastic.

I first showed my work at Eclats de mode/Bijorhca over 10 years ago and won two awards for two years running : one from a design school jury… and the other one I forgot.

After ten years on the French riviera, I moved back to the island where I now live, off the atlantic coast of France, and started renting a bigger studio. Being able to store larger bits of beach plastic, and more of them, opened the door to making what I call my little crowd : these guys were sculptures at first, but as I got more familiar with making them, I started making smaller, more wearable people – brooches, pendants or elements for opera-length necklaces.


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Treasure Island


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Beach plastic + love.
It is poetical, cheeky, post-modern and technically sound.

The pieces are easy to wear, very light and comfortable, and durable because of the way they are built. I never use glue, I use nylon thread instead, for two reasons : the first one has to do with consistency – nylon thread, whether new or found on the beach, has an obvious kinship with my favourite material – and the second one with versatility – with it I make rivets, stitches or loops, which means I can either fasten or articulate elements together.

I do not compromise with durability because many years of collecting plastic on beautiful beaches have made me acutely aware of the necessity to break free from our throwaway culture.

The underlying and ongoing idea is to love what is, really, and keep it simple.
Make beauty with what is, what I find, what we already have. See the beauty in our junk and then make it wearable and fun.

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