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Sally Kiss


My passion for design started early on. At the age of 8 I loved to put together small pieces of jewellery made of metal. At 12 I had my first exhibition and successfully sold products. At 15 I took my first goldsmith course. At home a small workshop was set up and somehow I felt that this passion would become more…

After the vocational baccalaureate in design I decided to train as a goldsmith in a small workshop. There I learned from scratch everything, repairs, unique pieces, commercial matters. At the same time I was always interested in the theory of jewellery craft and therefore I started to study at the FH Trier for jewellery and gemstone design in Idar-Oberstein and I finished my studies in 2005 with the diploma. Since 2015 I have the Master of Arts of HS Düsseldorf in Applied Art and Design and I have from time to time teaching assignments at the university and giving advanced training courses for Rhino 3D.

Since November 2008 I have been working as a freelance designer. Besides my own jewellery collections I also design for large and small jewellery companies such as Schmuckwerk, Juwelier Künze, Manu Schmuck and many more.


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Clickball, Cut, Circle, Ellipsis


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K.I.S.S. Principle

“How many lines does it take to express an idea’s central quintessence? What is the essence of things? How can I clearly express an object’s complexity?” These are the questions that have been driving me for a long time and in every new design idea.
Following the motto of “Keep it smart and simple,” i reduced the three-dimensional structures of cut gemstones to two-dimensionality in the pieces of my “Cut” series. Reminiscent of drawings for the relevant cuts, these pieces are manufactured in stainless steel using the microlaser technique. In 2016, I won the “Red Dot: Best of the Best” award for the cut rings.
Reduced, clear, robust: All products from my workshop bear the hallmark of a clear language of
form and a design reduced to the essentials. The same goes for the Clickball series.
The original idea is the classic origami folding, an old technique of paper folding from Asia.
Clickball is available in the paper version and in precious metal. The precious metal variants are
printed in 3D wax and then cast. I won the German Design Award 2020 for the clickball series.

For all of my jewelry holds true: I do not want to produce decoration that only has a superficial effect. I would like to bring out the essence of an object, of it’s form and material. I want to give clarity  itself a form. Beauty together with perfect workmanship and concise in its message. 

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