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3 members


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Elisabeth Habig, Konstanze Prechtl, Katharina Reimann


KollektivKraft is the name of the young female art jewellery collective, which was launched in Vienna in spring 2018 and is breathing new life into the world of jewellery art. Interdisciplinary, feminist, radical, innovative and open to new things: that is the collective’s aspiration.

Three members Elisabeth Habig, Konstanze Prechtl and Katharina Reimann are showing their work together.

In Elisabeth Habigs work you can see the clash of three different educations: the one to a milliner which gave her the feeling for textiles and proportions, the one as a jewelry designer which enabled her to work with metals and the theatre- film and media studies. These three studies influence each other and inspire her to create unique, sculptural pieces. Since 2018 she is „Kollektivkraft“ member and with april 2019 she is opening her own jewellery & hat studio in the heart of Vienna.

Konstanze Prechtl studied jewellery-design at Kolleg für Kunst und Design Herbststrasse in Vienna after which she gained a B.A. in Applied Art and Design at Hochschule Düsseldorf including an exchange semester at Sint Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp. Since 2017 she lives and works in Vienna and shows her work at international fairs and exhibitions.

Katharina Reimann was trained as a goldsmith and studied at Trier University of Applied Sciences, Idar-Obarstein for a Master of Fine Arts degree. Since 2017 she lives and works in Vienna.


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the course of time II, About Colour, Liebe


Description of the collection:

Elisabeth Habig: the course of time II

In her work „the course of time II“ she tries to catch ephemeral movements and visualise the aging process and the transience of every moment….

Konstanze Prechtl: About Colour

Colour plays an important role for Konstanze Prechtl. Like music or smells it triggers memories. Certain colours are often connected to a person or experience. Prechtl collects colours and colour combinations as other people collect stones, flowers or little objects.
The range of colours she works with is derived from her personal life and surroundings and is then applied to different materials: wood and textile. Painted, dyed and printed they resemble different qualities and aspects of colour. Showing both, the vivid and the subtle characteristics colour can hold.

Katharina Reimann: Liebe
Katharina Reimann uses her pieces to explore different facets of love and relationships.
She uses keepsakes and objects which are loaded with memories like handkerchiefs, vessels or porcelain and combines them with handcarved gemstones, especially hematite (bloodstone), iron and silver. She wants to bring back a little love into everyday life. But not the easy, fluffy, rose-coloured, insta kind of love. She wants to show the beauty of homesickness, bitter sweetness, including worries and unsureness.
The pieces may appear slightely used and damaged, just like that stuffed animal, one might have had as a kid and was loved so badly.

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