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Ekaterina Korzh


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Ekaterina Korzh, the MA graduate from the UIOWA Jewelry & Metal Arts program, received her first masters in Socio-Economic Geography. Her first steps in jewelry making started in Colombia where she took her first jewelry classes with Francisco Jose Pineros. Today, she is a selected artist of the WAR-POLEMOS group exhibition at IHM_Schmuck 2020. Last year she won second place at the A'Design Award in Milan and participated at the 2019 COLLECTIVA Meeting and the Autor 2019 Jewelry fair. Her work has been shown in the USA, Italy, Russia, Colombia, Portugal, etc. Ekaterina travels a lot and devotes her pieces for this never-ending geography practice.


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Ekaterina Korzh


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This collection speaks about limited time and waste materials. We use many resources from our planet and never return back. As a result, we can end up in a gloomy situation being left with all our waste and no genuine fibers left. However, beauty is in all products of our universe. This collection explores this beauty in recycled plastic bags, scrap wood and found objects to reveal it to the wearer.

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