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Katya Korzh


Originally from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Ekaterina Korzh currently lives and works in the US where she completed her MA in Jewelry and Metal Arts at the University of Iowa. Her work has been shown in national and international solo and group exhibitions, competitions and fashion shows across the US and Italy and also published in jewelry magazines such as ArtAscent and Condé Nast Brides Magazine.
Katya traveled to Colombia in 2014 where she studied at Quinta Luna Jewelry School and received formal silversmith instruction with Francisco Jose Pineros. At the University of Iowa, she studied contemporary jewelry making and gained experience working in aluminum anodization, small and large scale casting, electroforming, mold making, 3D modeling technologies and CNC routing which she continues to employ in her jewelry and product designs. While at the University of Iowa, she also taught Introduction to Jewelry and Metal Arts where she focused on sawing, chasing, soldering, riveting and other silversmithing techniques with a strong ascent to coloring and finishing techniques for metalsmiths.


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"Landscapes" collection is all about exploration of the world around us, mostly its land and everything that grows and flourishing on it. Most of this collection presented by the statement rings, even though there are some brooches and necklaces. To create this collection the artist used natural forms and shapes, sometimes natural objects itself (beach stones, branches, plants, horse hair, etc.) and use it as a major accent of the jewelry composition. All jewelry holds a simple glimpse of the artist's visual memory.

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