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Label D


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Daria Lutskevich


I am holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities and International Communication. Since 2012 I have been dividing my time between studying, private teaching and my passion for jewelry. This creative part of myself I developed in a form of woodworking by creating my first pieces of jewelry.

Obviously, I do not have a special education in the fields of either design or woodworking, so it was a hard process of studying the material, pioneering and perfectioning the techniques and finding my authentic style. I began to make jewelry occasionally and never thought it was going to turn so serious, becoming an essential part of my life.

My project “Label D” as you see it today, took 6 years of hard work, all by myself, to elaborate my startup into what is now may be considered a small brand with its clear vision and unique identity.

The key material I am using to make jewelry is bog oak, which is ancient black wood, exceptional in its smooth texture and a thousand-year origin, being purely natural and noble in its simplicity. It acquired its color under the influence of natural biological processes after having been lying under the water surface for centuries. I am a strong supporter of sustainable approach to fashion, so I use wood in a sustainable way with respect of “zero waste policy”.
It is not only rare materials that make Label D unique, but also ideas that stand behind the brand. The jewelry I make shows the way I feel, I think and care about the world around me. I make jewelry for people, who appreciate and share philosophy of Label D.


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Chunky is new original interpretation of the well-known pieces with the spirit of brutality and avant-garde. The limited edition counts 12 unique pieces.
I experimented with shapes, distancing from the geometric, which have become a tradition, to more wavelike ones. CHUNKY is still sophisticated, although the brutality and massiveness definitely dominate the collection. However, CHUNKY’s mood is well defined and gives the pieces something rich and simple at the same time.

Label’s D visual language of graphic rigour and unconventional detailing pushes the subtle and subversive boundaries of function and proportion.

More than anything else, Label D is a lifestyle with an avant-garde spirit that juxtaposes artistic inventiveness, sculptural shapes, rather crude minimalism and limitless creativity to craft jewelry of quirky elegance.

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