Les Jardins de Ralu

Les Jardins de Ralu

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Les Jardins de Ralu


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Raluca Nincovici


Only (lonely) child, born in Bucharest in 1980.

I remember spending a lot of time in the dental clinic where my aunt was working as a prothesist. I loved watching all those hands reparing unhappy smiles. The precise gestures were amazing to observe.
When I was 6, I made little holes in the light pink walls of my room, just to cover them up with diffrent materials ( like candle wax, "papier maché" or chewing gum), and then stick a mix of the powder that fell off and pink chalk dust… My mom did eventually notice one of them..

In 1990, my whole universe colapsed when I went from romanian to french school. It took away all my self confidence (because I did not understand french) but gave me, years later, the opportunity to study in Bordeaux. I had my masters 2 degree in psychosociology and worked for a year in the human resurces.
Although I loved my studies (very utopian), the experience I had "in the field" was a pawn among other disposable pawns. I felt the need of freedom and individuality, so I resigned.

First time I made jewellery was 15 yeas ago, I found myself in a difficult situation the air was thick and I needed an escape. So I took my childhood tresures box out, and composed flowers with the bits and pieces I found in it.
This is how it all started. A passion for flowers to wear as protective element. My jewellery catches your eye, so I can hide behind it.
I don't know why expressing flowers makes me feel better, as if they had the power to bring peace (of mind). They do actually.

Polymer clay gave me the freedom I was looking for, and was the answer to my "what now ?".


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Links ans Shadows


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I became a mother 18 months ago, and I lost my own mother last december. Here is what I feel and think.

This collection is about genealogical links, about what has been trasmitted to us, and what we pass on to the next generation.
The bonds we have in a family are so complex. They can make you feel like a queen if you wear them like a crown, but they can also tye you down and make your live your life as a prisoner.
The chains linking the flowers are removable and repositionable. When you wear the jewel without its ties, the missing part still exist, even if you wish to ignore or hide it, or you think it's lost.

As I said before, my jewelry vocabulary has always been (mostly) vegetal, floral.
The pieces I composed are made of multiple flowers that interact with each other. Some pieces represent 3 generations .Usually, the biggest flower will represent an older generation, one that has lived more experiences; some have been difficult, you can see it by the little holes in the petals, but overcomed, they give her personality.
Less petals, meens less experiences lived, and the flower buds represent the potential, the youngest.
The links between them have red cotton thread knots, representing the luggage passed on to you, that you should sort out, untie and unload. The pearls, are the tresures that you inharited, may be talents, goods genes. The brass tubes reveal the blood connections.

Concerning the bigger, articulated flowers, I also see them as a hand (of a loved one past away) on your shoulder.

This collection is overall broches and sautoirs because you can wear them close to your heart, and they can maybe hug you.

Materials: polymer clay, brass, pearls, cotton, leather, alcohol paint

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