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Lucienne Buga


My name is Ludmila Buga, the pseudonym’s Lucienne. I am born in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. Every person has to “experience” the lifestyle that is destined to him. However, whatever he has chosen to do, it will be his future that he will be proud of. I started my career at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Cluj-Napoca, studying pharmacy. I didn’t even have an idea that I will study chemistry for 5 years. Although later I will realize that it will help me more in the future to understand the components of different alloys.
The beauty is an indispensable part of my artistic character. I feel lucky and satisfied, because I managed to show what I had in my imagination, even it was hard to do that at the beginning. I managed to get so far by attending courses of drawing, arras, interior design, and ikebana.
The nature has its own laws. I love to find myself in its interior. It gives me strength, the energy necessary for creation, the colors and the forms.


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Catharchic inflections


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Both sound and light are representing pure energy. Tranquility and peace can be reached only when the energy level reaches the perfect proportion true harmony and equilibrium can be set. The right inflections can bring peace and peace attracts the right inflections.

materials : silver 925 , leather, polymer clay

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