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Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School (course) Florence
Assamblage School Contemporary Jewelry Bucharest
2012-2013 College ”Mondostud- Art”, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova (Metal Processing Technology)
2009-2011 MPH (Master of Public Health Management) State Medical and Pharmaceutical University ”Nicolaie Testemitanu”, Republic of Moldova
2005-2007 MBA (Master of |Business Administration) Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
1990- 1995 University of Medicine and Pharmacy, ‘Iuliu Hatieganu” Cluj- Napoca, Romania Pharmacy Faculty

My name is Ludmila Buga, the pseudonym’s Lucienne. I am born in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. The beauty is an indispensable part of my artistic character. I feel lucky and satisfied, because I managed to show what I had in my imagination, even it was hard to do that at the beginning. I managed to get so far by attending courses of drawing, arras, interior design, and ikebana.
The nature has its own laws. I love to find myself in its interior. It gives me strength, the energy necessary for creation, the colors and the forms.


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Happiness Loves Silence-


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Happiness Loves Silence- because it is close to the feelings in the mystery.
I used the stone that is silent all the time.
The concept is close to nature, being defined by organic materials.
Forms also describe the power of silence, color pursues emotion.

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