MAR IVE 1458 1953 Dautor
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Marilyn Polanco


Marilyn Polanco is an industrial designer, visual artist and jeweler based in Guatemala.

Since the beginning of her brand, she has developed a perspective in the area of ​​contemporary jewelry with a broad material vocabulary that is manifested in the experimental use of organic forms and the structure of her pieces.

Inspired by art, architecture and sculpture, the unique aesthetic of the work of MAR IVE comes from the union of classical goldsmithing techniques, experimenting with contemporary innovative materials and design, to create jewels that end up being sculptures for the body. Her sculptural pieces explore a more conceptual and dramatic sense, as well as what comes from day to day: emotions, movement, symbols, textures, creating illusion of jewels floating around the body.

The jewel as a means of expression and as a small story to tell portable.

That unique vision combined with the complexity of her creations has led her to exhibitions and fairs in Guatemala, USA and Europe.


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The Mérida Collection is inspired by the work of maestro Carlos Mérida (1891-1984). It is a collection that recognizes his work and the "plastic integration" between painting and architecture found in Guatemala and Mexico.

Painter and sculptor, as well as clothing designer and choreographer, he was one of the first chroniclers of mural painting, but from a Cubist aesthetic perspective unlike the narrative and figurative style of the great masters of the Muralist current.
He worked with artists such as Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros, with whom he founded the Laborers, Technicians, Painters and Sculptors Syndicate.

Of Quiche indigenous origin on the paternal side, he finds freedom in the geometric abstraction of the Mayan tradition.

The collection is a gift to the vision, to the sense of abstraction of which my ancestors were masters, The Popol Vuh.

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