Marina Zachou

Marina Zachou

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Marina Zachou


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Marina Zachou


Marina Zachou started making jewellery in 2001.She has participated in group exhibitions in China, Germany ,Sweden, USA, France ,Spain ,Cyprus ,Romania and Greece and had two solo exhibitions. Her jewellery work is included in book publications in USA, China, Belgium ,Spain and Germany and also has been presented in press in Greece, Sweden and Great Britain .She has worked as a jewel designer and a jewellery teacher. In her workshop she designs and makes custom made jewellery and sculptures .Lives and works in Athens, Greece.


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World of my dreams


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The world of dreams…A place of imagination and fear, of hidden meanings and desires. Different interpretations are given by a number of experts but dreams always remain personal. This collection is my dreams…Dark or not, full of hope or fear, my dreams are jewelry now…

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