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Mario Albrecht


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Mario Albrecht


At the age of 35, I started my apprenticeship in metalworking design and afterwards went on to the Academy of Design and Crafts in Munich, from where I graduated with honours in 2016. Directly after my graduation, I began designing and manufacturing jewellery out of plastic bags and foils.

Professional Background

Since2017 self-employed designer for jewellery
2015/2016 Gestalter im Handwerk, Akademie für Gestaltung und Design München by Barbara Schmidt
2011 – 2014 Apprenticeship as metal designer by Dipl. Designer Berndt Schweizer


Metamorphosis, Gioiellodentro, Gorizia Italy
V&V Vitrine, Galerie V&V, Wien
triple parade – Ra selection, Shanghai, China
collectiva meeting, Porto, Portugal

Tendence Talents, Frankfurt Germany
FORM – Form aus Handwerk und Industrie, Frankfurt Germany
Beyound the blue, Gill Wing Jewellery, London England


FORM-Form aus Handwerk und Industrie
Nominiert für Schmuckaward 2017
zweiter Platz Schmuckaward 2017 Kategorie Innovation

Meisterpreis der bayerischen Staatsregierung


Handwerk und Design, München
Autor, Bucharest
Eunique, Karlsruhe
Wiener Schmucktage, Wien
Ventura Future, Mailand

Handwerk und Design, München
Wiener Schmucktage, Wien

Public Collections

Permanent Collection, Fondazione Cominelli / Associazione gioiello contemporaneo,
San Felice del Benaco, Italien


Contemporary jewellery yearbook 2017
catalogue Wiener Schmucktage 2017
catalogue metamorphosis 2017
catalogue collectiva meeting 2018
catalogue Tripple Parade 2018
catalogue Wiener Schmucktage 2018

On sale at

Galerie Ra, Amsterdam
Hilde Leiss Galerie, Hamburg
Alternatives Gallery, Rom
Galerie V&V, Vienna
cbijoux, Monthey
Artani, Stuttgart
Galleria Rossini, Milano

Member of

NOD – not only decoration
BK – Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk
BKV – Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein


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Description of the collection:

The English translation of “vielschichtig” is “multilayered“ or “complex“. Both of these qualities are united in this collection of high-quality brooches, rings and necklaces made out of used plastic shopping bags and foils.

The material as such is seemingly inconspicuous. However, by the use of special techniques, these materials turn into pieces of jewellery whose origins can no longer be traced back.
Furthermore, it is not the material, but the processing and the design which converts the plastic into precious jewellery.

Old, traditional artisan techniques which I transform according to my needs, form the basis of the process:

In the first processing steps, foils that are matched in colour are being folded and pressed, which is very similar to the techniques of Mokume Gane or Damascening. Afterwards the finished packs are being cut and arranged in a strict geometrical design.

During the next steps, the material is allowed to free itself of my guidelines and thus create free patterns and develop into strong and unlimited forms.

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