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YIWEN PENG: I was graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts school jewelry design studio, for now I am studying at Royal College of Art jewelry&metal studio continue my MA. My work has been in several domestic exhibitions, participated in the exhibition jointly organized by the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Swedish Embassy in 2017. Also my graduation work was display in Beijing Times Art Museum and participated in “China and Switzerland contemporary jewelry and accessories” design exhibition, in 2018, very honor can be chosen to attend the internationally contemporary jewel exhibition ” 21 GRAM”.
In the summer of 2016, I successfully got the qualification certificate of diamond appraiser and color treasure appraiser of IGI jewelry appraisal studio, at the same time I am the jewelry designer for two commercial companies.
YUJIA GAO: She was born and raised in China and currently study at Royal College of Art. Before she works as a jewelry designer and appraiser.
As a jeweler, she explores the collision of repeated patterns, inorganic and nature forms. As a maker, she focus on the relationship between objects and space, tried to find the missing part in object and observed the state of order and disorder.


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YIWEN PENG :This project it’s all about my culture and my inner world.
It is a reflection on ‘You’ and I, induced by a dialogue. Here, the “ I ” refers to myself while you indicates all the external surroundings, culture elements and one’s inner being. I want to reconsider the concept of ‘myself’ and reconstruct the relationship between me and the external surroundings through jewelry.
In my work, the dynamic reflection does not create a place or reflecting a place, because all the thing which already exist. But i can create a new dimensions and place by bringing about a passage between the object and spectator.
WEN XIN: This is inspired by my mother. It seems that all mothers like reminding their children of something repeatedly, which however, the children would not concern too much. Then after these children grow up and leave home, and have to deal with various kinds of things all by themselves, they start to realize that mothers’ nagging is the sincerest care. I recorded my mother’ daily nagging to me.
Then I extracted the shape of sound waves, and use the jewelry form to save those information of love.
YUJIA GAO: Influenced by some home design, she turned her attention to tableware. Combined with an interest in metal craftsmanship, she began experimenting with making containers and object that we could use in our daily life, like candle holder, lamp, plate, cup, vase etc. Size, material, function of object these are the main elements of object she interested. She made a metal egg package try to let one material act like others. She made teapot and try to analyze the

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