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Mercedes Carvallo


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Mercedes Carvallo


Graduated in 1994 on Architecture from the Central University of Venezuela,. I studied silver smith, hammering and enamel on metal from 1997 with several teachers from Venezuela, Spain and USA. In 1999 I dedicated all my working time to the metal smith and enamel craft. I have been part on many international and national craft contest. Traveling to the Enamellist Society Conference held in different places of USA in the years: 2005, 2007, 2013 and 2017. I obtain some important awards on the enamel field. My work has been exhibit in: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, USA, Holland, Lithuania, Spain and Japan. From the year 2005 I combine my creative work with the teaching experience helping to keep the enamel art alive in my country.
My work has developed from classic cloisonné pieces to photographic image transferring. I started with a ecological proposal call: transgenic to see, not to eat, I explored with the beauty of raku in enamel, enameling flexible copper mesh, the sing language printed in jewelry in the reconnecting the senses series. All my subjects of inspirations combine permanently on my approach to enamel adding new techniques to new ideas.
My aproach to contemporary jewellery tries to explore freedom of forms, materials and subjects. Working with sculptural copper mesh, thin corrugated copper and pictures transfer to the enamel. Is a work in progress that keeps transforming.


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Mesh Things


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The fire (light, heat and color) forms in my case a constant mediator element in my proposals
The metal smith on silver and copper accompanies vitreous enamels in experimental and traditional techniques.

The equilibrium and balance are part of a permanent research in my artistic language. They represent a topic as in the thematic (content) as in the formal (constructive) ways.

The space between polarities and its extremes combine with the exercise of admitting shades and variables constitute a source of revelations in my boy of Works.

The enameled copper mesh is flexible and full of formal possibilities, the vitreus enamel gives to it color and rigidity. In this collection I explore sea inspiration, knotting in organic shapes with a wide pallet of colors.

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