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Meșteshukar ButiQ


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Erika Popliceanu


MBQ [Mesteshukar ButiQ] is a Bucharest based social enterprise working on
revaluing traditional Roma craftsmanship. MBQ represents an ethical and responsible
alternative to mass produced market goods. In other words, the project emphasizes
and encourages interaction in order to discover the craftsmanship and meaning
embedded in each collection piece displayed. MBQ is the social statement for
hundreds of objects handcrafted by Roma artisans and designed by international
and local designers. Rau Ion Nevers is MBQ's silversmith, displayed his works for the first time in two renowned contemporary jewelery exhibitions in Bucharest. He now works full-time for MBQ and creates jewelery collection in collaboration with local designers. For this new collection he is working with Bucharest based textile designer and visual artist, Erika Popliceanu, owner of CoolWool STUDIO.


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CONSTELLATIONS is the new Mesteshukar ButiQ jewelry collection in collaboration with Erika Popliceanu, textile designer, after an idea by Alexandra Predescu-Șarpe, MBQ PR.
It was created on the idea of contrast, given both by the materials used and by the collaboration of the two cultures through the use of their own crafts (metal processing and embroidery).
The collection is an investigation into the past of the travelling Roma people. Through out the centuries the Roma people traveled the world and enriched themselves with the knowledge of craft. They became some of the best silversmiths creating amazing jewelery items that are now preserved by unique techniques and artistry. It’s a collection that translates the simplicity of the seams into the hammer’s blows.
CONSTELLATIONS is a statement for diversity, change and multiculturalism. The knots in the seams resemble to miniature planets, the decorative motif of the constellations that leaves its imprint over the hammered metal, the mineral chromatic, all of the above lead towards a fascinating world, outside the Earth.
The collection consists of earrings and brooches, the pieces being made of brass/copper with textile embroidery that reproduces zodiac signs. The colors used are those specific to the Roma culture: red, blue, green.

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