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Miao He


Miao He was born and raised in Beijing, China. Since 2015, she has been studying in the graduate jewelry program at the Savannah College of Art & Design in Savannah, Georgia, USA.
Miao creates her jewelry based on her life philosophy. She believes that everything in life decays: it is impacted by time and will change and deteriorate as part of the growing process. When things are no longer pristine, all the details of decay remain on the surface and build a special aesthetic.


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This series of brooch is made by outside layer of garlic peel and sterling silver with the nitrocellulose enamel paint for coloring in the year of 2017. The inspiration is from my previous garlic set and uses natural material to show the unique beauty of the material itself. Garlic peel for me is fascinating because of its texture, thickness and organic look. Yet it is too fragile and it couldn’t be preserved long enough as a jewelry piece. Then I created a new collection of “garlic” pieces, and this brooch is part of that collection.

The ultra-thin silver petals were constructed using a silver sheet of regular thickness. I put the first sheet through the roll mill many times until it reached the necessary thinness.  After that, each petal was forged separately by being cut in the required shape. The stamen part and petals were first soldered individually, then several were soldered together as a bunch. Finally, the bunch of petals was soldered to the base.

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