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Michelle Lung


London born and based jewellery artist Michelle Lung is a recent graduate from the BA Jewellery Design Course at Central Saint Martins. These pieces are from her graduate collection that was awarded the Annoushka Graduate Award for ‘Outstanding Design’. She is fascinated with questioning typical ideas of preciousness, materiality and value in jewellery, preferring to use non-precious materials and investigating new techniques in her work, not allowing any material or technique to confine her practice and ideas as to what is deemed the definition of ‘jewellery’. Particularly interested in incorporating ideas around digital culture and the untouchability of the virtual world that is ever-consuming our lives, she tries to represent this non-physical phenomenon in the form of typical jewellery forms that are normally so reliant on the opposite of physical materiality, form and aesthetics. Although her pieces are designed as jewellery pieces for the body, she also hopes for her pieces to be observed as artistic sculptures to be admired on their own too.


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Digital Desires


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Nowadays, it may be argued technology is one of our most valued possessions; we seldom see a person without a mobile phone in hand or earphones plugged in. Yet it is the personal archives of data, information and memories stored within these vessels that we treasure. My pieces explore the crossover of value between jewelry and digital data, where we place traditional ideas of preciousness and materiality on jewelry, we now place equal if not even more value on the intangible data. My work represents the untouchability of the digital age and dips between reality and virtual reality.

The pieces are completely made of clear plastic, planned on a 3D CAD software before getting laser cut and built layer by layer by hand to make up the image you see within. Although the solid jewelry pieces seem suspended in time and motion and can be seen to be ‘worn’ on the body, from the side they disappear to reveal the forms depicted within the transparent acrylic are actually false illusions made completely of negative space. The objects within are still to be desired from spectators much like how precious jewelry should be, however the wearer can never make direct skin contact with the form suspended within, much like how we cannot reach out and touch our non-physical data we rely on everyday.

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