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Mihaela Caravan


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Mihaela Caravan



2004 – 2008 Bachelor’s in Management and Economic Studies
2009 – 2010 Master in Marketing and Business negotiations
2015 – 2016 Art School of Baking and Pastry
2017 – Sept 2017 Introduction to goldsmith – workshop
Oct 2017 Contemporary Jewellery – workshop
Nov 2018 The art of mood boards – workshop
Sept 2019- Dec 2019 Contemporary Jewellery Course under supervision of Kristin Gerber
Jan 2018- present Independent goldsmith work

2008 – 2014 Head of Buying – BHB (Bucharest)
2014 – 2015 Category Manager – Delhaize (Bucharest)
2015 – now Senior Buyer Interior Design – Wayfair (Berlin)
2016 – now Communications Coordinator – photographer Laurian Ghinitoiu

2018 – may Remains of the fest – Romanian Design Week (Bucharest)
Oct 2019 (solo) Mamaliga, food for the soul ( Timisoara)

Fairs :

2018 Joya Barcelona
2019 Autor Fair
Athens Jewellery Week
Legnica Jewellery Week

2019 Public Award Autor Fair


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Together we stand


Description of the collection:

”Together We Stand” interprets the stages and intricacies of a relationship. It deals with the very beautiful and optimistic, shiny and dream-like beginning, followed by a crisis moment which can make one feels that they've been ''hit by a train'', and ending full-circle with a balanced, peaceful, personalized stage which comes as a result of work invested by both partners in saving the relationship.

We are never ready for what will happen in the long road of a marriage or committed relationship, but if we manage to survive through the crises and challenges, we can reach a point where we build our own normality and balance. The result is a “we” way more beautiful, special and personal yet imperfect ( stage 3) than the “we” imposed by society (described in the first stage).

To build this collection, I have used 6 classic gold engagement rings to portray in a very blunt, straight-forward way these stages.

For the second stage, the wedding rings were flattened after being laid on a railroad and ran over by a moving train. The symbolism behind this act suggests the strength of the very possible emotional shock that occurred within a crisis in a relationship.

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