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Mihaela Caravan

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Mihaela Caravan


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Mihaela Caravan



2004 – 2008 Bucharest Bachelors in Management
2009 – 2011 Bucharest Master degree in Marketing Sept 2017 Berlin Introduction in silver smith
Sept 2017 Berlin Introduction in Contemporary jewellery
Jan 2018 Bucharest Basic 1 course


2005 – 2018 Bucharest Assistent manager, Junior accountant
2008 – 2013 Bucharest Head of Purchasing
2013 – 2015 Bucharest Senior Buyer Interior Design
2015 – 2018 Berlin . Senior associate Buyer Interior Design
2015 – 2019 Berlin PR representative for Laurian Ghinitoiu


2018 Bucharest Design week – Remains of the feast
2018 Barcelona Joya as part of Remains of the feast


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This collection gathers the sentiments we sometimes choose to not feel, in order to spare ourselves the discomfort of sitting with them: pain, fear, anger, grief, anxieties and worries. But in choosing to avoid discomfort, we, instead, avoid discovery of new possibilities in ourselves.

When we choose to be vulnerable, we make a conscious act of kindness and love towards ourselves. We don’t deny ourselves the intrinsic value of feeling whatever we may feel, no matter how inadequate, clumsy or difficult we think that may seem. We choose to graciously support and nurture ourselves, with awareness and plenitude, and in doing so we give ourselves the most precious heads-up: learning to experience and integrate our emotions fully.

Learning to be vulnerable was a daunting task when I began this journey both as an artist and a human. It’s still a challenging place, but in this challenge I have learned many faces of empathy, gratitude, creativity and ultimately growth.

Vulnerability has set me free to embody differences and difficulties into my art. It has given me the safe space to manifest my peculiarities and transform challenging emotions into a work that carries both strength and sensibility. Because both are faces of the same coin, and both are perfectly natural. Both are enough and both are ok.

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