Miruna Belicovici

Miruna Belicovici

Miruna Belicovici 2701 3409 Dautor
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Miruna Belicovici


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Miruna Belicovici


My passion for jewelry making begun unexpectedly, as any true love would. It was like all of a sudden, after a life long full of educated words, I finally learned to talk. No boundaries, no misconceptions, just the purity of the concept, articulated meticulously in each piece of jewelry. It is like transposing the beauty of the felt word, the depth of a concept or merely the joy of playing with metal, in each jewel. I find the ability of this small objects to embody warmth, feelings, desires and to adorn so personally the one wearer that chooses them, deeply mesmerizing.It is the symbiotic merge between the jewel and its owner that fascinates me. The individuality of this symbiosis. Its uniqueness. Like any true love should.


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Whisper Collection


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A precious reminder of your own fragility, wrapped around your finger or set close to your heart.
It is the warmth, softness and lively beauty of the rich natural textures enclosed in each piece of metal’s anima that reminds you of your own ephemeral humanly nature.
Wearing the discrete and permanent mark of our extreme natural frailness… it’s like a constant soft whisper of the strength that lies within fragility.

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