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Molly Wang was born in 1988 in China. She started to make jewellery from 2014 when she fell in love with it. Two years later, she decided to go back to school to learn art & design systematically and change career to be a professional jeweller then.
2007-2011 BS (Electronic Information Science and Technology), Hubei University of Arts and Science, China
2018 Graduate Certificate (Jewellery and Related Products), Birmingham School of Jewellery, UK
2018-2019 MA (Jewellery and Related Products), Birmingham School of Jewellery, UK
Working Experience:
2010-2013 Operation Manager, Beijing Sankuai Science and Technology Co.
2014-2016 Senior Operation Manager, Beijing Qunar Software Technology Co., Ltd.
2017 Senior Design Manager (Interior decoration & product design), Lvyue Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
2018 Graduate Exhibition, School of Jewellery
Molly is fascinated by the relationship between people as well as the relationship between people and contemporary society, and try to transfer the intangible topics to tangible wearable pieces using her methodology during her jewellery experience. Now she is doing her MA project based on consumption phenomenon. After graduation, she is going to build her own studio to develop further in the contemporary jewellery field.


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Body Nonverbal Communication


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In contemporary society, communication is pretty important for people. However, communication is not always easy to do for diverse reasons, for instance, the language boundary.
Actually, body language accounts for 55% of effective communication, and even if the language is incomprehensible or stuck in the expression, it can still be conveyed in other ways, such as jewellery.
Inspired by the application of Laban movement analysis in dancing area, the names of these five brooches are: "Excited", "Depressed", "Suspended", "Collapsing", "Elated".
The designer recorded her body movements and transferred them to 3D shapes, and applied colour to each of them to emphasise the differences.
According to the topic, this collection is supposed to be highly interactive with people, no matter the wearer or viewer. The brooches can be set on a table and rock when somebody touches because of the curved base structure. They can also be worn on the body as brooches and tell viewers something related to the wearer. The design method of being movable helps this collection existing with vitality.
Material: Jesmonite, Car paint, Sterling Silver, Steel

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