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Monica Iacovenco Jewelry

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Monica Iacovenco Jewelry


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Monica Iacovenco


Architect, jewelry lover, jewelry designer, jewelry maker. The essence is form, proportion & color, not the scale of the project.
I treat every piece of jewelry like a building project. I get inspired by something… a shape, a song, a color, my daughter… and start developing the idea. Form follows function is an architectural concept that also applies to my jewelry, but there are times when it’s exactly the other way around. Sometimes i’m so in love with a certain form that i just have to find a way to make it function. Luckily, I have exercised the ability to get from form to function and the other way around in 14 years of architectural practice
I started my journey towards jewelry design in 2013 @ Assamblage Contemporary Jewelry School, but it wasn’t until late 2016 that I started actually translating thoughts into jewelry. Since then, my work has been exhibited at Origin. Passion & Beliefs in Milan (2016), Sieraad Art Jewelry Fair (2017), Autor (2017, 2018) and Joya Barcelona (2018, as part of the Assamblage Collective “Remains of the Feast” project)


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Five Stages of Grief


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Humans now drive evolution on Earth, creating and destroying species. Most ecosystems have been altered by humans, to the extent that the concept of a “natural” biome, completely free from human influence, is obsolete. But with each bite of ecosystem we take, it strikes back, following Newton’s action & reaction principle.
I chose to see this reaction from the “five stages of grief” perspective to show the way we deal with loss or pain and how grieving can transform us, perhaps beyond recognition.
Denial is surviving the loss by pretending nothing’s missing.
Anger is dealing with the pain of acknowledging the loss by inflicting pain to others.
Bargaining is a temporary truce, a backlash, a glimpse of silence before the storm.
Depression is reaching the bottom, with nowhere else to go.
Acceptance is becoming something else. Something new. Mutation.

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