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Neung Wi Kim Jewellery

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Neung Wi Kim Jewellery


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Neung Wi Kim


I am a contemporary jewellery designer from South Korea, producing useful objects for wearers. I consistently aim to connect the ideas of intensity and sensation in order to create a nostalgic experience through touch and visual effect. Usually, my work takes inspiration from experiences in specific locations, such as beaches or natural environments that I have visited. As a countermeasure to the anxiety and stress of the modern world, I use jewellery design to make suggestions to tranquil sensory experiences that help people feel relaxed by presenting handcrafted symbols of wellbeing. I learned sculpture and graduated from Chung-Ang University with a Bachelor of Arts. At that time, I started to be interested in practical objects that people can wear every day. I continued her studies in ‘jewellery design with the application of pebble image’ at KookMin University, where I completed my master's degree and graduated with the highest honor. While studying at KookMin University, I not only had experiences participating in exhibitions and jewellery fairs, but I also won a gold prize and first prize in the International Jewellery Design contest and in the Seoul Craft Prize contest, respectively. Now I would like to broaden her knowledge in order to introduce my jewellery across the globe. I am currently completed MA design jewellery at Central Saint Martins in London and I have lots of plans to approach professional way.


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‘Samrimryok’ meaning the immersion of self within nature, is an attempt to connect with the intensity and sensation of past experiences of nature, particularly seashores, as a healer. Exploiting sensations of touch and the visual qualities of unique hand-cut stones to create symbols of wellbeing and restfulness.

I explore the materiality of her chosen pebbles and takes inspiration from the experiences of specific locations where I have been. I have collected pebbles for this collection on Mongdol, Chesil, and Brighton beaches. Sensuously smooth or intriguingly rough, multihued or monochrome, patterned or plain, the stones from each area tell a different story of how it came to be, providing powerful inspiration sources for design. The stones I have cut make explicit the value of personal narratives of relaxation, highlighting the power of a visit to the beaches, and the special time with the pebbles that she has designed with.

Each and everyone of us has gathered stones, I offer a new way to consider the value of what stones might be in contemporary jewellery. Why buy a mined stone when you and those closest to you can find and set your own stone through this project.

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