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Noa Tamir Jewelry Design

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Noa Tamir Jewelry Design


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Noa Tamir


My name is Noa Tamir, I was born in Israel on 30/4/1980.
I am a jewelry designer & artist.
I have graduated with honors from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Ramat Gan, Israel. Candidate for B.Des in Jewelry Design (2009).
Ever since I've graduated I have been an independent designer and artist.
I practice as a metal smith and as a teacher from my home based studio.
2017 – IN BETWEEN // 20 YEARS OF LOCAL DESIGN – group exhibition curated by Galina Arbeli
2016 – LOOSING LOOS // DECORATION IN CONTEMPORARY DESIGN – group exhibition curated by Merav Rahat
2015 – A MATTER OF TIME // ISRAELI JEWELRY 7 – assistant to the curator Dr. Iris Fishof
2015 – PRECIOUS SAYINGS // CONTEMPORARY JEWELRY – group exhibition curated by Avi Vinograd & Yael Friedman


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Time will tell


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A collection of necklaces, made from: silver, brass & enamel.
In this collection I am trying to capture the moment in which a memory is starting to fade away, and that all we are left with is a faded version of it in the end.
This was the conceptual idea behind the design.
The aesthetic language I've designed for this collection is inspired by grave yards and grave stones.
In each necklace there is at least one piece made of silver and enamel, entwined or captured by the strings of metal as though it's caught inside a spider's web.
This idea of fading memories is an idea I keep coming back to, it fascinates me and terrifies me a the same time.

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