Noha Nicolescu

Noha Nicolescu

Noha Nicolescu 2500 3407 Dautor
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Noha Nicolescu


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Noha Nicolescu


A piece of Jewellery is an astonishing way to express my identity. I love to work on this scale and feel the materials and their texture. The result of this surprising process is a way through which I can communicate with the others.
I do not start with a completed concept or drawing but rather I begin with a feeling or sensation.
The natural materials help me to conceive a strong contrast and allow me to explore composition.


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Deep Forest Collection

We are all on a path towards our deep inside.
We find there a forest fool of life and connection, a net where we find our self.
I walked into a labyrinth through the light and I saw in my imagination my roots.
The voice of the spring washing the walls into silence, a line and its shadow underneath, circles stuck together in blue.
Tree blossom between sky and earth, between eternalness and ephemeral, setting meant to fill the place with light.

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