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[pa dǝ dø]


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Asya Gulak


Ukrainian born architect , aktivist , contemporary free artist. Graduated from Kharkiv National University of Municipal Economy 2002-2008, faculty of Urban Development and Architecture, Diploma obtained: Master of Architecture. Creation of buildings, costumes and architectural accessories. Founder of the architectural bureau in Kharkiv, Ukraine, co-founder of the "Modernistki" movement, the goal of which is to support the modernist heritage of Ukraine, cooperative work with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) of the restoration, refunction and reconstruction works of architectural heritage and infrastructure in Ukraine, creator of the [pa dǝ dø] architectural accessories. The main issues that the author is focuses on: multifunctional, reconstruction, reusing, reengineering, collecting, recycling, speculative design. Favorite questions by now : "What if?" & "What do we have and what can we do with it?"


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New Ties


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The collection "New Ties" consist of 7 sub collections:
Birdhouse/Good signs /Plan’s Life /Sonia dreams /Notes /Indian hills /Tribune
Inspired by art and architectural works : Sonia Delaunay, Michael Graves, El Lissitsky, Nikolai Suetin and by the architectural layouts.
The idea of [pa de dø] project was born on the background of problems with the monuments of architecture in a modernism, brutalism and konstrucktivism style, which we have in our country a lot. Almost 99% of this architecture are in a unsatisfactory state, not exploited or functioning not effectively. But despite the background of this unsolved problem, more and more tasteless buildings are grow up.
My idea is to create jewelry with a use of building materials like isolation material, facade stucco, facade paint and in modernism and futurism shapes which are inspire me every time in my architectural practice. I want to hang architecture on the necks , little contemporary sculptures, which will give the impetus to think about : “what we already have , and what we could do with it ?”
I want through my accessories catch attention to important today's questions like multifunction, reconstruction, recycling. To the aesthetics of simple forms of modernism, to the imperfections and flaws each of us . I want people not to throw away what they have, only because it's damage or is in a bad state, but try to reinvigorate it, reuse and restore, or change the function of it .
The collection of interactive architectural jewelry that can be a necklaces, brooches and hair accessories and at other moment could turn into the art wall art installation or become a single decor for interior.
These are jewelry that can correctly shaped today's questions, set clear objectives and create new goals!

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