Paola Ducoli Jewelry

Paola Ducoli Jewelry

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Paola Ducoli Jewelry


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Paola Ducoli


The art of Mosaic – so ancient, almost ancestral, yet malleable enough to be integrated into the taste of contemporary trends: Paola Ducoli's talent is here enclosed, in the conscious freedom of mastering the mosaic art and fuse it with jewelry design, and to turn this same art into the soul of her unique jewels.
After the academic degree, she attended art-specific courses specializing more and more in the mosaic technique; she now works with passion and dedication on the creation of unique pieces of the highest quality in her laboratory in the historic city centre in Brescia.
The jewel is a dream that needs to be lived; Paola Ducoli interprets that same dream through her collections.
Great passion is the fundamental element, ancient artisan skills are the privileged tools, innovative vision is the essential value: this is the blend that guides Paola Ducoli's dedication to work each step of the creation by hand, up until the creation of precious sartorial accessories.
These characteristics combined with a winning creativity and a strong sense of style allowed the brand Paola Ducoli to be appreciated by both European and non-European retailers.
She participated in important trade fairs such as Homi and WHITE SHOW, both in Milan, in the category “Accessories”, where she was mentioned as one of the best "Avant-Garde Fashion Designers".
In collaboration with Mudec, the “Museo Delle Culture” in Milan, a special collection dedicated to the artist Paul Klee has been created, and starting from 2019 her collections were put on display in a showroom in China as well as in Vicenza’s Museum of Jewelry.


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Aurora Collection


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The name Aurora derives from the Latin term “aurōra”, which means 'to shine, to shed light'.
In Roman mythology Aurora was the goddess who flew every day through the sky to announce the arrival of the morning:
Aurora comes slowly, tiptoed, silent. She is golden light, at times pink or purple, but also copper, appearing just before Sunrise.
Thanks to her splendour, everything awakes and shows itself; she illuminates away the darkness of the night; and with her, everything begins, everything takes new shape, everything is defined and is enriched with meaning.
Aurora is beauty and grace; her glitter fills us with joy.
Aurora is my adoptive daughter, arrived as a ray of sunshine comes to warm your heart.
This collection is dedicated to her, to recount pure happiness and completeness.
This is how the circle becomes synonymous with harmony, but also with human protection and with safety, given its resemblance to the maternal embrace.
A sacred boundary to delimit a place and a magical, special dimension.
The porous black of nylon is illuminated by the reflections of the glasses, all cut by hand and coloured with 24k gold.
The final result are jewels in which the conscious freedom of mastering the mosaic art fuses with jewelry design, integrating this art into the taste of contemporary trends and by making it the soul of precious and perfectly modern jewels, where light plays a fundamental role to make intense shades shine, making each jewel even more unique.

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