Pasa di Alessandra Pasini

Pasa di Alessandra Pasini

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Pasa di Alessandra Pasini


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Alessandra Pasini


Alessandra Pasini was born in 1975 in Meldola where she currently lives.
She graduated from Arts high school in 1994, with a specialization in “Jewellery and Metal Arts”.
Later on she improved her technique in South America, where she laid the foundations for her profession.
Since then she always experimented new ways, mixing metals with different materials,
such as wood, porcelain and horn.
Moreover, she participated in several national and international contests and collective exhibits.
In addition to her brass jewellery, in the last few years she has started a collaboration with several ceramic artists and with them she creates a more experimental and exclusive jewellery. Some of these pieces of jewellery now form part of a exhibition they personally organised in Italy.


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Pasadargilla/Fucking Balls/Labor Limae/Cube/Tube


Description of the collection:

PaS°A is completely handmade brass jewellery.
PaS°A collections are made up of different types of jewels: ready-to-wear jewellery, unique pieces and limited editions.
PaS°A ready-to-wear jewellery is characterized by simple and geometric shapes and tactile surfaces, while the unique pieces and limited editions are a tale, a story to tell. Thanks to the insertion of elements of different material, these jewels become true objects that can tell you about the deep emotion I come to feel while creating a piece of art.
Jewels become a way to escape, a place non-place where I can recover a faraway child peacefulness.
Jewellery becomes a personal expressive need.

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